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  • [Official Music Video] 8th Day - All You Got
    [Official Music Video] 8th Day - All You Got

    Animation - Annita Soble
    DP - Yoni Oscherowitz
    Produced by - Bentzi Marcus, Shmuel Marcus


    after 125 years
    you go up to heaven, you climb all those stairs
    they won't ask you were you wise like solomon
    they won't ask you were strong like samson
    oh no....

    they'll ask just one question and you'll give just one answer
    it's the end of the game and only one thing matters, they'll say
    did you give it all you got

    cuz in this life you only have what you got
    so give it give it give it all you got
    in this world we only have, we only have what we got
    so give it give it give it all you got

    if you say it's easy i'll say its not you gotta give it a.y.g.
    if you say its not for you, i'll say its your lot you gotta give it a.y.g.
    if you say you're tired i'll say tick tock you gotta give it a.y.g.
    and you could put my album on the shelf to rot, just give it a.y.g.

    after working so hard and wiping those tears
    you look in the mirror you face all your fears
    don't be a fool trying to be wise like solomon
    only the weak try to be strong like samson
    oh no...

    i did what i said i got no one to blame
    only one thing matters at the end of the game
    they'll say... did you give it all you got..


  • Lipa "Hang Up The Phone" (Official Music Video)
    Lipa "Hang Up The Phone" (Official Music Video)

    In a futuristic take on his hit song Hang Up The Phone from his blockbuster album Leap of Faith, superstar Lipa Schmeltzer teams up with producer and director Danny Finkelman to tackle our generation's ever growing infatuation with gadgets head on, in a music video that is equal parts science fiction and practical advice for today's technologically obsessed society. In an almost other worldly dream, Lipa becomes one of a group of newly delivered high tech robots that come to life after hours at the Boro Park branch of the The Buzz, an appliance and housewares superstore. The robots' fascination with electronics is evident as they test out gadgets, both large and small, and dance their way through the store. Hang Up The Phone is an original Lipa composition and the sixth track on the newly released Leap of Faith album, with hard hitting lyrics in both English and Yiddish, written by Lipa. At just over six minutes long, the video offers a light hearted look at what we become when we spend more time interacting with our electronics than with our families and the people around us. A SparksNext Production, Finkelman and cinematographer Mauricio Arenas breathe life into Hang Up The Phone, creating a presentation that will inspire viewers to strike the necessary balance, enabling them to take advantage of today's technology in a responsible manner. Produced by Danny Finkelman Directed by Danny Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas Director of photography Mauricio Arenas Edited by Michael Puro Sean Sinderbrand Choreography Zvika Bornstein Music production Nir Graf and Baba Z. Buerger Studio Naftali Moshe Schnitzler Special effects: Filmdust studio - Avrohom N. Kohn, Tzvi Waldman Simcha Squad Dancers: Menachem Stein Avi Warman Nathan Bell Mayer Singer Isaac Mizrachi Zevy Goldenberg Alex Weissman Child actors / dancers: Dovid Moskovits Yechiel Jacobs Chezky Moskovits Simon Luethi - AD Lukas Bruchnik - Camera Operator Tzvi Waldman - PA Edimy Michel - PA Eric Bejarano - Assistant Camera Yosuke Hosoi - Gaffer Gautam Kadian - Gaffer Tony Voisin Set Photographer Kelley Coleman - Make Up Artist Shaun Gibson - Makeup Assistant: Nicholas Behncke - Boom Operator Alejandra Oyarce - Art Direction Sandy Eller - Press release Shea Kiss - Extra Thanks to the Buzz Superstor for it's location

  • Od Yosef Chai:Tzadik Rabbi Elazar
    Od Yosef Chai:Tzadik Rabbi Elazar


    The critically acclaimed, "Od Yosef Chai" series returns! Featuring the legendary Cantor Yosselle Rosenblatt. This fully restored double CD includes hand picked classics for the High Holy days. 

    Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the fifth volume in the Od Yosef Chai series. In the meantime, please enjoy this free download, Tzadik Rabbi Elazar, recorded over 95 years ago restored to original pristine state. 

    This piece, from the lamentations (kinos) that the Jewish nation recites on the 9th of Av in the Hebrew calendar, when we mourn the destruction of both the first & second Holy Temples, is the highlight of the lamentations. It depicts the tragic execution by the Roman empire, of the 10 Harugei Malchus - the ten martyrs. This particular part discusses the killing of the last of the martyrs, the righteous Rabi Elozor Ben Shamua, who was one of the 5 most prominent disciples of Rabi Akiva. He was 105 years old when he was killed.

    Cantor Rosenblatt recorded this composition in June of 1916, 95 years ago, in New York City. This recording was extremely distorted & indiscernible, until Aderet Studios expertly cleaned up the audio. 

    Even though this recording its 95 years old, it carries a very strong emotional lament, of our current events. May Moshiach come speedily in our days. Amen

    צדיק רבי אלעזר בן שמוע
    באחרונה נהרג במדקירה
    יום ערב שבת היה
    זמן קידוש ויקדש ויקרא
    חרב שלפו עליו
    ולא הניחוהו בחיים לגמרה
    יצתה נשמתו בברא אלוקים
    יוצר וצר צורה
    כהנה וכהנה
    הוסיפו בני עוולה לענות בגערה
    בסקילה שריפה הרג וחנק
    מי יוכל לשערה
    נותרת ממנו יאכלו
    אריות שה פזורה
    חזה התנופה ושוק התרומה
    טרפו ארי' והכפירה

    Tzadik Rabi Elozor Ben Shamuah
    Bo-ach-rona Ne-he-rag Be-mad-kiro
    Yom Erev Shabbos Hoyo
    Zeman kiddush Va-yi-kadeish Va-yikro
    Cherev Shol-fu Olov
    Veloi Hi-nee-chee-hu Ba-chaim Le-gomroh
    Yo-tzo-so Nish-mosoi Be-boro Elokim
    Yoi-tzer Ve-tzor Tzuro
    Koheino Vecho-heino
    Hoi-see-fu Beni Avlo La-anos Bi-garo
    Biskeelo Sereifo Hereg Vo-chenek
    Mee Yuchal Lisharo
    Noi-seres Mi-menu Yochlu
    Aroyos Seh Pe-zuro
    Chazay Hat-nufo Veshoik Ha-teru-mo
    Torfu Aryei Ve-ha-kefiroh

    The righteous Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua
    was the last;he was killed by stabbing.
    It was on a Friday as the day turned to the holy Sabbath,
    so he began the Kiddush and recited [the opening passage].
    They unsheathed a sword over him,
    and did not allow him to live to finish it.
    His soul departed with [the words] 'which God created,
    [thereby acknowledging Him as] the Creator Who fashioned every creature's form.
    Again and again in this manner,
    the sons of iniquity continued to torture [us] with rebuke.
    With stoning, burning, beheading and strangling —
    who can calculate [the enormity of the tragedy]?
    What remained of it,
    the scattered flock, the lions consumed.
    The breast of the waving and the thigh of the raising-up
    the lion and his daughter tore to pieces...
    (translation with permission from the Artscroll Kinus)

  • Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh
    Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh

    Shloimy Gertner just released a music video for the song Kodesh, off his debut album Nissim.

  • Dovid Gabay: Eretz Yisroel Clips
    Dovid Gabay: Eretz Yisroel Clips

    Dovid Gabay previews songs from his third CD, Eretz Yisroel. This state of the art HD video was filmed and produced by Schneur Menaker.

  • Uforatzto Official Music Video
    Uforatzto Official Music Video

    Baruch Levine released his fourth solo album entitled “Modim Anachnu Loch” produced by his longtime producer/friend Yochi Briskman. Now the first music video from the hit album was just released for the hit song “Uforatzto“. This amazing video produced by Moshe Finkelstein of T & M Productions was filmed in part at studio Yochi Briskman Studio X in New York and also features the stunning vocals of the Sheer Vshevach boy’s choir conducted by Chaim Meir Fligman who are featured on the song.


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