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  • Uforatzto Official Music Video
    Uforatzto Official Music Video

    Baruch Levine released his fourth solo album entitled “Modim Anachnu Loch” produced by his longtime producer/friend Yochi Briskman. Now the first music video from the hit album was just released for the hit song “Uforatzto“. This amazing video produced by Moshe Finkelstein of T & M Productions was filmed in part at studio Yochi Briskman Studio X in New York and also features the stunning vocals of the Sheer Vshevach boy’s choir conducted by Chaim Meir Fligman who are featured on the song.

  • Siman Tov by Shauly Waldner (Official Music Video)
    Siman Tov by Shauly Waldner (Official Music Video)

    Shauly Waldner presents his all new music video, Siman Tov, from the debut album Tov Hashem. This original music video brings out Simcha in a unique and fresh way. Song composed by Yitzy Waldner and arranged by Naftali Schnitzler.

  • Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh
    Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh

    Shloimy Gertner just released a music video for the song Kodesh, off his debut album Nissim.

  • Light One Candle
    Light One Candle

    More light and then even more – that’s the theme of Chanukah. Never stop growing, never stop brightening, don’t let the light go out. The flame of Judaism is in your heart and in your hands. Use it to light one candle. And tomorrow, light another one. Enjoy this new video and single, a Chanukah gift from Benny Friedman. The video was produced in collaboration with Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next and Sruly Meyer. Music arranged and recorded by Aryeh Kunstler, featuring background vocals by Yitzy Spinner. You can download the single free here. Directed by Danny Finkelman Photography by Mauricio Arenas Co Produced by Meir Kalmenson Lighting by MLP Special thanks to the Jewish Children’s museum Rabbi Sholom Ber Weingarten And Rabbi Yerachmiel Binyaminson Thanks to all the boys of Darchai Menachem Rabbi Mendy Vail Rabbi Eyal Bension Rabbi Chaim Perl Music Arranged & Recorded by: Aryeh Kunstler Drums by: Gal Gershosvky Background Vocals by: Yitzy Spinner. Special Thanks to Shy Clyman “Light One Candle” Originally performed by Peter, Paul and Mary Thanks to Shaindy Noskow Participating Kids (In order of appearance): Sruli Mendelevich Heshy and Gedalya Noskow Liora Kurlander Shimmy Reich Chaim Mordechai Leiser Rika Popack Moshe and Menachem Kammen Moshe Golding Saral’e Finkelman Dani and Abby Silva Rivky Jerufi and Rivky Cohen Shanya and Talya Klein Michal Warsawsky Shani Mendelevich Aryeh Mitteldorf Kasriel Plutchock Adina Friedman Shaina Rosen Sammy Rosen Ari and Nechi Jerufi Shainy Mizrachi Menachem Mendel Mizrachi Bat Sheva Plutchock Shmulik Finkelman Moshe Eli Soffer Dani Mitteldorf Tzvi Golding Mendel Finkelman Produced by WWW.SPARKSNEXT.COM

  • Hashem Loves You - Ari Goldwag
    Hashem Loves You - Ari Goldwag

    Hashem Loves You - Ari Goldwag

  • 11th Siyum Hashaas Video Preview
    11th Siyum Hashaas Video Preview

    An exciting and moving presentation, capturing the awe-inspiring moments of the 11th Siyum HaShas that emanated from Madison Square Garden, Continental Airlines Arena, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto, Canada on March1, 2005/20 Adar I, 5765. This production, captured by more than 15 broadcast-quality cameras, and enhanced by musical and visual effects, was premiered at Agudath Israel's 83rd Anniversary Dinner at the New York Hilton, and has been made available due to popular demand. Available on a 5 CD-ROM SET or you can purchase the DVD featuring highlights from the event.


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