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  • Lecha Anu Shirah
    Lecha Anu Shirah

    Discovered at the age of eleven when he was chosen to share a stage with Mordechai Ben David, Choni Grunblatt has been performing worldwide for seventeen years, singing with Jewish music notables, including Avraham Fried, Yoel Sharabi and Yehuda!. The highest vote getter in the debut season of A Jewish Star, singing an original composition titled Yismechu, Choni has devoted years to vocal training and his magnificent tenor voice lends itself to powerful, sweeping songs.                                                                        His long awaited, newly released single, Lecha Anu Shirah, is no exception. An original composition, it pairs Choni’s majestic voice with powerful lyrics and is hopefully the first of many singles to be released by this promising talent from Buenos Aires.                                                                         “Music is a language, the expression of one’s soul and feelings,” explains Choni. “This new song will take you on a journey to that special and powerful moment in our history, Krias Yam Suf. The composition, its melody and arrangements, is the very event relived and as I sing, I imagine how I myself would have felt crossing the Yam Suf and witnessing Hashem's greatness. This song conveys the impact of that moment for me: From initial uncertainty to discovery, greatness, power and, ultimately, the exultant celebration of Hashem’s kingdom.”                                                                        A self professed perfectionist with an eye for detail, Choni was intimately involved in the arrangement of this song and he hopes that listeners everywhere will feel the beauty of its sound pulsing through their veins.                                                                        “This is a gift I received from Above, and the time has come for me to share it with you on a larger scale. Join me on this new journey, and enjoy my music to the fullest, just as it was made.”                                                                        Composed by Choni Grunblatt, Arranged and Produced by Guillermo De medio, Drums - Dany Avila, Bass - Charlie Giardina, Guitars - Ariel Vergara, Piano - Guillermo De medio, Keyboards and Programing - Guillermo De medio, Mixing and Mastering in La Nave Studios, by Sebastian Manta and Guillermo De medio, Set Decoration, by Florencia Masjuan, Cesar Edrian Eros, Assistant Director, Dalila Sacomani, Gaffer, Ariel García Gimenez, and Directed by Tobias Haimovich.

  • [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Yesh Tikvah
    [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Yesh Tikvah

    Presenting, the debut music video for Yesh Tikvah, the title track of Benny Friedman's hit new CD. The song serves as an important reminder, an anthem, that even in these tough and trying times, Yesh Tikvah! There is hope!

    The official music video was produced by Moshe Bree of Ingenious productions. The song was composed by Ari Goldwag, with lyrics by Miriam Israel, arranged by Ian Freitor. The song, as was the entire album, was produced by Avi Newmark.

    The album is distributed by Aderet Music and available on MostlyMusic.com

  • "THE JAPAN SONG" - Official Music Video
    "THE JAPAN SONG" - Official Music Video

    Avraham Fried and Shloime Daskal sing Abie Rotenberg's Tatte for an important cause. The Japan Song.

  • Preview: Camp Bnos Yisrael Episodes 4 & 5
    Preview: Camp Bnos Yisrael Episodes 4 & 5


    Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Robin Garbose and featuring songs by Levi Yitzhaq Garbose, Camp Bnos Yisrael stars Judy Winegard, Linda Korn, Elisheva Marquis and the girls of Kol Neshama — a Los Angeles based performign arts conservatory dedicated to providing professional artistic training and performance opportunities for girls in a Torah observant setting. Includes two full episodes, Color War and Color Peace and The Middle Path.

  • Meydad Tasa - Al Naharot Bavel
    Meydad Tasa - Al Naharot Bavel

    מידד טסה על נהרות בבל הקליפ הרשמי

  • [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Maaleh Ani
    [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Maaleh Ani

    How much does it say about Hashem's love for every Yid when He gives us the ability to sanctify Him? Those words, found in the Sfas Emes on Kapital Nun Beis in Sefer Tehillim, are the lyrics of Maaleh Ani, the fourth track on Benny Friedman's hit album Yesh Tivka, produced by Avi Newmark, composed by Elimelech Blumstein and arranged by Aryeh Kunstler.

    This all new video, produced by Moshe Bree and Sruly Meyer has some real firsts for Jewish music.

    But we don't want to ruin it for you. So turn up the volume, hit play and enjoy!

    אם אתם קדושים מעלה אני עליכם כאלו קידשתם אותי


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