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  • Lipa "Hang Up The Phone" (Official Music Video)
    Lipa "Hang Up The Phone" (Official Music Video)

    In a futuristic take on his hit song Hang Up The Phone from his blockbuster album Leap of Faith, superstar Lipa Schmeltzer teams up with producer and director Danny Finkelman to tackle our generation's ever growing infatuation with gadgets head on, in a music video that is equal parts science fiction and practical advice for today's technologically obsessed society. In an almost other worldly dream, Lipa becomes one of a group of newly delivered high tech robots that come to life after hours at the Boro Park branch of the The Buzz, an appliance and housewares superstore. The robots' fascination with electronics is evident as they test out gadgets, both large and small, and dance their way through the store. Hang Up The Phone is an original Lipa composition and the sixth track on the newly released Leap of Faith album, with hard hitting lyrics in both English and Yiddish, written by Lipa. At just over six minutes long, the video offers a light hearted look at what we become when we spend more time interacting with our electronics than with our families and the people around us. A SparksNext Production, Finkelman and cinematographer Mauricio Arenas breathe life into Hang Up The Phone, creating a presentation that will inspire viewers to strike the necessary balance, enabling them to take advantage of today's technology in a responsible manner. Produced by Danny Finkelman Directed by Danny Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas Director of photography Mauricio Arenas Edited by Michael Puro Sean Sinderbrand Choreography Zvika Bornstein Music production Nir Graf and Baba Z. Buerger Studio Naftali Moshe Schnitzler Special effects: Filmdust studio - Avrohom N. Kohn, Tzvi Waldman Simcha Squad Dancers: Menachem Stein Avi Warman Nathan Bell Mayer Singer Isaac Mizrachi Zevy Goldenberg Alex Weissman Child actors / dancers: Dovid Moskovits Yechiel Jacobs Chezky Moskovits Simon Luethi - AD Lukas Bruchnik - Camera Operator Tzvi Waldman - PA Edimy Michel - PA Eric Bejarano - Assistant Camera Yosuke Hosoi - Gaffer Gautam Kadian - Gaffer Tony Voisin Set Photographer Kelley Coleman - Make Up Artist Shaun Gibson - Makeup Assistant: Nicholas Behncke - Boom Operator Alejandra Oyarce - Art Direction Sandy Eller - Press release Shea Kiss - Extra Thanks to the Buzz Superstor for it's location

  • Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh
    Shloime Gertner Sings Kodesh

    Shloimy Gertner just released a music video for the song Kodesh, off his debut album Nissim.

  • [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Yesh Tikvah
    [Official Music Video] Benny Friedman - Yesh Tikvah

    Presenting, the debut music video for Yesh Tikvah, the title track of Benny Friedman's hit new CD. The song serves as an important reminder, an anthem, that even in these tough and trying times, Yesh Tikvah! There is hope!

    The official music video was produced by Moshe Bree of Ingenious productions. The song was composed by Ari Goldwag, with lyrics by Miriam Israel, arranged by Ian Freitor. The song, as was the entire album, was produced by Avi Newmark.

    The album is distributed by Aderet Music and available on MostlyMusic.com

  • OHEL: The Music We Love CD/DVD COMBO Full Trailer
    OHEL: The Music We Love CD/DVD COMBO Full Trailer

    Soon to be Released: OHEL 5772 -- The Music We Love

    Shrouded in mystery from its earliest moments, OHEL 5772 - The Music We Love, was one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the year. The Music we Love was music at its best as an energetic lineup of performers delivered one electric performance after another, featuring performances by some of the freshest faces in Jewish music, including 8th Day, Benny Friedman, Shloime Gertner, Eitan Katz, Michoel Pruzansky and Shalsheles Jr. The concert also featured international superstar Yishai Lapidot and an unforgettable performance by Rivie Schwebel with his sons, Eli and Avrumi, The Music We Love surpassed all expectations, earning a spot in the annals of Jewish music history as the concert of a lifetime. Shot in multi-angle, true HD footage, and recorded live in high quality audio format, the stunning quality of the production offers an entirely new perspective on live concert DVD's.

    With the upcoming release of the concert CD and DVD, audiences worldwide will be able to enjoy the unique experience that was The Music We Love. OHEL 5772 continues to make music history with the upcoming release of the live concert, to be released as a double CD/DVD combination pack.

    "We are offering consumers a really great deal by including both the double CD and the DVD in one package at an unbelievabe price, in keeping with the recent approach of attempting to make Jewish music as accessible as possible for consumers of all ages," explained Sruly Meyer, director of marketing at Aderet Music.
    Leveraging the most current techniques in audio and visual post production, Sheer Productions was able to deliver a first rate product for all to enjoy. Early insider reviews are calling this production "the best concert CD/DVD to ever hit the shelves", quite a statement considering some of the stellar products that are already on the market. 

    The CD/DVD package is due to debut simultaneously in Israel and America on June 20th. The Music We Love will be distributed by Aderet Music and will also be available for audio download at www.mostlymusic.com.

  • Meydad Tasa - Al Naharot Bavel
    Meydad Tasa - Al Naharot Bavel

    מידד טסה על נהרות בבל הקליפ הרשמי

  • Dovid Gabay: Eretz Yisroel Clips
    Dovid Gabay: Eretz Yisroel Clips

    Dovid Gabay previews songs from his third CD, Eretz Yisroel. This state of the art HD video was filmed and produced by Schneur Menaker.


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