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Voices For Israel -

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Produced by: Sameach Music & Jordan Gorfinkel Emunah of America and Voices For Israel (an organization dedicated to victims of terrorism and wars in Israel) present the show of a lifetime, Voices For Israel: The Concert - Live on Broadway! Celebrating Israel and honoring her victims of terrorism, dozens of your favorite Jewish music artists and musicians each perform their smash hits and then unite for the ultimate finale - all the stars singing together on the Voices For Israel anthem, Chazak Amenu: We Stand As One. This double set features Avraham Fried, Avi, David & Donny, Avraham Rosenblum & Diaspora, Ari Greene of Barock Orchestra, Beat'achon, Blue Fringe, C Lamzbom & Noah Solomon of Soul Farm, Dan Nichols, David Ross, Gershon Veroba, Joe Black, Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Kenny Karen, Kol Achai, Kol Zimra, Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock, Michael HarPaz, Neginah Orchestra, Neshoma Orchestra, Nochum Stark, Ophie Nat, Safam, Sam Glaser, Sandy Shmuely, Sean Altman, members of Six13, Shoresh, Yehuda! & Yitzy Spinner. Includes bonus features: first-ever Jewish music DVD commentary featuring radio personality and host, Nachum Segal (JM in the AM) and producer Jordan B. Gorfinkel (Voices For Israel) and more. (Running Time: 2 hours 35 minutes)
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Original Release Date:  Dec 25, 2003

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